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I just have one question though. Did your source say that Sean will be off the show or just that he won't be a regular? He's going to many conventions over the summer to promote the show with Lana and Jared, so that's some major passion for someone who won't be back you know and Regina/Robin kiss is one of the final moments of the finale, so it doesn't make sense. Is he off the show or is it just that he's gonna be separated.

Source said he wouldn’t be a regular. People were just being silly and reading into it thinking I was saying he was going to die, rofl. I personally think if this whole rewind time thing happens, he wouldn’t be a part of Regina’s life anymore. Not until the rewind curse would be broken, tho, then he’d be back.

And, remember, when people go to conventions, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be on the show more. It just means they’re promoting a show they were on before. There’s plenty of guest stars who did conventions but weren’t on the show much at all. ;)

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#batman winter is coming and it’s all your fault

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#house motto: my parents are dead

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DWTS Team Jeta - Let it go

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apparently my mom is not even home

and the person i hear puttering around the house is the carpet cleaning service


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Has anyone seen my motivation? I lost it somewhere and I need it. I have all these desires to finish a million things today, but I lost the motivation to complete them.

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And now for the hard part, kid. It’s clear that you and Castle have something real. And you’re fighting it. But trust me, putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake. Risking our hearts is why we’re alive. The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder if only.

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Did Hook's "this is a game, you're a prize, and I'm going to win" line in 3A bother you at all? Personally I felt like he was kind of treating her like less than a person, I was just wondering your perspective as a CS shipper. I also felt like when he got Emma to kiss him because he saved Charming it was kind of manipulative? I'm not in any way trying to attack your ship, I hope it doesn't come across that way. I'm just wondering what you think! :)

No worries! I didn’t take this as a slam of any kind. I’m not a hostile shipper, send me a question you’re genuinely concerned about and I’ll answer honestly! ;D

I think a lot of people paraphrase that quote wrongly. Here’s what the actual quote is: “When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”

Which, okay, I can definitely understand where people take that the completely wrong way. You’ve got to look at context, too. We’re coming from an episode where Hook and Neal were basically fighting over Emma like two year olds before Emma just blankly told them to stop. Hooks still feeling threatened by Neal at this point. We also have to understand that Hook uses old terminology and language. His wording wasn’t meant as an offense, but an offering of love and sincerity.

He’s not saying he’s going to manipulate and coerce his way into Emma falling in love with him, he’s saying here that she will fall in love with him because she truly loves him and wants to. He’s telling her he’s going to put effort into showing her he does love her. It’s not going to be him forcing himself on her and tricking his way into love, it’s going to be her genuinely seeing his interest in her and eventually falling for him. If that makes any sense at all.

As for the whole, “and I will win it”, that’s the only part I’m iffy on. He’s confident, no doubt about that. But aren’t we all a little bit the same way with crushes we have? We see ourselves falling in love. He genuinely thinks if she sees his effort and change, she’ll fall in love with him as he is in love with her.

As for the kiss, I’m heavily against the whole idealogy that he coerced Emma into kissing him. He was clearly being the jokester he always is, and Emma always, always had a choice in that moment. We all know Emma, if she doesn’t want to do something, she’s not going to do it. So when she kissed him, she did so of her own will. I don’t believe he honestly was expecting her to kiss him, he seemed a little shocked when she pulled him in for a kiss. ;)

So, yeah, those are my thoughts! I hope that makes sense!

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